The fabulous rare pair of front wheel drive Australian Mini's.

The black Mini of P. Manton (no.3)
and the green Mini of Brian Foley (no.9).

Produced for Australia in the 1960's.

One of the rarest sights ever seen, Australian motorcycles.

Note: The drivers and sidecar passengers are colour co-ordinated with the bikes.

Produced for Australia in the early1960's.

The only Australian-made cars, produced at the Moldex Factory, in Melbourne, in the early 60's.

These C54 Lotus 16's came in a variety of colours which makes them very collectable.

The Green Machine of Dick Johnson (no.17) was in real life was a Ford Falcon but portrayed by an Escort XR3I. Note the green bumpers and mirrors, which make it unique.

Running partner was Fury and Scott's No. 15 Nissan, which again was portrayed by the Escort XR3I.

The Kangaroo is an endangered species, only found at the Schumacher Circuit, W/Point, Queensland, and it's name is Skippy.

A very collectable pair of Australian Bathurst cars, raced by the legendary Dick Johnson (no.17) and his great rival Peter Brock (no.05).

The Green Rover in real life was a Ford Falcon (Green Machine) and Brockies 05 was a Holden Commodore.

These are three Bathurst Sierras which blitzed the field of this world famous race. 05 was Peter Brock; 17 Dick Johnson and 18 was Johnson's team second car.

Very popular racing set.

Another UK intrusion into our famous Bathurst race was the Mondeos. Shown here driven by Johnson No.17 and Phil Ward driving the Nokia No.13.

Pontiac Firebirds issued for Australia only, in the Australian Thunderdome set modelled on Calder Raceway circuit.

The pair consisted of No. 17 Redkote, and No.22 is the Bob Tmart car, rarely found outside Australia.

The mighty F1's - these three cars were produced for the Australian market only.

The difference with these cars compared to the ones issued throughout the world is that they do not have magna traction or turbo lights.

No.5 is the Williams of Nigel Mansell
No.12 is the Lotus Honda
No.11 is the black Lotus Renault

The first ever Scalextric car produced exclusively for the Australian Scalextric Racing & Collecting Club.

TVR Speed 12 - in Australian livery

A very sought after car by collectors worldwide.