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                                                            Business Members will be added very soon. Only just launched by the Club for 2023. Click here to find out more!




Hawkesbury Hobby Show 2014

YouTube: Video Club racing at the Show (3.33 mins)

Australian GP Video 2011 annual racemeet (4.37 mins)

More Grand Prix action

YouTube: More video 2011 annual racemeet (1.07 mins)

Santander 2009 UK Bank TV Advert

YouTube: Video with Lewis Hamilton & Scalextric (50 secs)

Silverstone - A Little Training

YouTube: Video Hamilton & Button with Scalextric (2mins)




Scalextric Club Magazine #77

Feature on the Club 20th Anniversary - 2012.

UK SLOT Magazine #6

Feature on the Club - May 2014.

UK SLOT Magazine #6

Feature by Club Member on Scalextric Quick Build and Lego - May 2014.

UK SLOT Magazine #13

Feature on the Club 2015 Scalextric Cool Wall - May 2015.

UK SLOT Magazine #18

Small article featuring Club 2016 Scalextric Range Poster series - May 2016.


General Links  


Scalextric News

Martin Brundle's Ultimate 2015 circuit.

MJK Tyres

Australian made, recommended by the Club. Ask at your local shop.

Pattos Place

Slot Cars, Bodies & Decals. Catering for the Scratchbuilder.

Scalextric Car Restorations

Classic and modern Scalextric cars and parts

Slot Car Portal

Info, Links & Accessories.

Slotcar Illustrated

USA online forum

Slot Mods Raceways

Custom track builders.

Tenamp Slot Cars

Photo Gallery of Scalextric and slot cars.

Kids Interested in Motorsport

US article on different ways can get involved in motorsport (Thanks to Taylor for suggesting this link).

Auslot Forum

Australian forum for Scalextric and slot cars.